Please do not drop off items without contacting staff. There is no place to leave donations at our site after hours.  Please be aware that we may pass things along to another organization if we get too much or cannot use something.  If in doubt, please call first. We will get back to you.

Items we may accept:

Yarn (natural fibers preferred), hard cover books from the past five years, larger piece jigsaw puzzles – no 1000+ piece puzzles please.

Items we do NOT accept:

Incontinence supplies, medical equipment, medications of any kind which includes feeding tube supplies, hearing aid batteries, paperback books.

We suggest you reach out to the following organizations. Some only accept donations certain days and may have too many now but could use them later in the year.

  • Adult incontinence supplies like pads and diapers – local nursing homes or Mitzvah Circle which runs a diaper bank. Mitzvah Circle also accepts infant diapers and clothing. If you or someone you know is having problems affording these items, you can contact Mitzvah Circle.
    Phone: (267) 649-7610
  • Medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, beds, etc) Abilatool -they only take what they can store so please contact them first. You may need to hold onto an item until it is needed. They are also a great source if you need something. Warning – Medicare only supplies you with one of any health aid. So if the wheel chair, cane or walker is yours and came from Medicare, you should hang onto it if at all possible.
    Phone: 610-594-7021